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Breakdancing Tank Top

Breakdancing Tank Top

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Step into the vibrant world of 1985 with our Breakdancing Tank Top, inspired by the electrifying moves of B-Girl Laneski in the heart of New York City's hip-hop scene. This tank top captures the essence of breakdancing, unity, and pays homage to the trailblazers who left an indelible mark on the culture. With its iconic design, it showcases Laneski's flawless execution of the 'Thomas Flair' move, pushing boundaries and setting records. Join the Majestic Rockers and the ecstatic crowd in celebrating this awe-inspiring moment, where genuine excitement and passion for hip-hop culture collide.

Experience the vibrant energy of 1985 with our Breakdancing Tank Top by Brisco Brands. This classic fit tank not only pays homage to the trailblazers of hip-hop culture but also keeps you comfortable during outdoor activities with its moisture-wicking fabric. Its durable design ensures lasting style, allowing you to embrace the excitement and passion of the hip-hop scene all day long!

Key Features

  • Tank Top
  • 100% Cotton Preshrunk Jersey Knit
  • Classic unisex fit
  • Machine Washable Inside Out
  • Print Size Varies By Garment Size
  • Printed in the USA

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